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Chris Lintern has been involved in business continuity for over 20 years.  Beginning at the Co-operative Insurance Society (the "CIS") in Manchester, and working within financial services until 2014 when he joined Jermyn Consulting as a Senior Consultant.

His time at the Co-operative Bank coincided with the organisation's most tumultuous period with the combination of the discovery of a financial black hole and the Bank's chairman being a newspaper editor's dream.  During this time Chris was writing the Bank's Recovery and Resolution Plans (RRP) which almost got implemented by the financial authorities.  He was involved with both the Crisis and Incident Management Teams and gained a unique perspective on incident management during this time.

Since 2014, Chris has worked across a number of sectors including higher and further education, food production and engineering, along with financial services both whilst at Jermyn and since establishing Ashton Resilience.

He has experience in delivering both large and small business continuity, incident management and IT service continuity projects and has also been involved in operational resilience activities.

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